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Corporate Syndicates Detective Agency, operating in Coimbatore, is one of the leading service providers in the investigation department. Our agency is committed to confidentiality and integrity and handles secret investigation assignments professionally. In Coimbatore, our detective agency comprises highly skilled and experienced private detectives specialising in private investigations, background verification, personal matters, spouse cheating issues, business verification of suspected partners, asset verification, criminal investigations, and legal and illegal business services. Coimbatore, located in the southern part of India, is renowned for being a beautiful city, a fantastic tourist destination, and a hub of world-class information technology. It is often called the "Cotton City" in India due to its significant textile industry. The city hosts numerous domestic and international companies operating in various markets. Spouse cheating cases have been on the rise recently, and our private investigators in Coimbatore handle such sensitive matters with the utmost confidentiality. With over twelve years of experience in the field, our private detectives have gained a reputation for delivering satisfactory results to clients. They possess an authentic level of intelligence and work diligently to provide genuine proof of their investigations. Our detective agency in Coimbatore takes pride in having a team of the best private detectives in the region. We offer services in core areas such as corporate investigations, matrimonial investigations, locating missing persons, and conducting financial checks on cases. Our commitment to delivering reliable results with solid evidence sets us apart. In conclusion, look no further if you seek a trustworthy detective agency in Coimbatore. Corporate Syndicates Detective Agency is your go-to option, ensuring professionalism, confidentiality, and excellent service in all our investigative endeavours.

Our Mission

We desire to give every client a hassle-free experience filled with customer happiness and quality of service created and customized with value for money that every client merits.

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As a highly professional team, we aim to achieve client satisfaction by delivering exceptional results. Our skilled detectives utilize the latest technology and spy gadgets to ensure the best outcomes in all the cases we handle. Confidentiality is paramount to us, as our investigator team safeguards all information, preventing any leakage to unauthorized parties.

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At the corporate level, we provide services in: - In India, we offer a range of investigative services, including Criminal Investigation, Infringement of Trademark and Copyright (IPR), Brand Protection, Assets Verification (Moveable and Immovable), and Sales and Income Tax.

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Corporate Syndicates Detective Agency provides detective services in various fields, including Pre-Matrimonial, Post-Matrimonial, Affairs cases, Murder cases, Adultery, Loyalty cases, and Missing Persons, Skip Tracing.

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Matrimonial detective service refers to the specialized investigative services offered to individuals seeking information and evidence related to their spouse or partner in a marital or romantic relationship. Matrimonial detectives, also known as marriage investigators or spousal investigators, are hired to investigate matters such as suspected infidelity, loyalty concerns, pre-marital background checks, post-marital disputes, and other issues that may affect the relationship..

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